Evergreen Outdoor Center – JP Website Redesign

Flick Digital Co - EOC JP Web Design

Evergreen Outdoor Center JP version was the result of the collaboration between myself and Evergreen guide, sales manager and translator Yukie Sawada.

I lived in Japan for years and can read Japanese enough to copy and paste text from the old site where possible, but so much of this site was new material and there were a lot of gaps, more and more as the project progressed.

Yukie did a fantastic job of translating sales & SEO focused copy. She picked up the core keyword research skills and quickly moved to SEO optimize the Evergreen Outdoor Center JP site.

This project went ahead after the English site changeover in late August and subsequent bug-squashing which was thankfully incredibly minor – the odd link pointing to the wrong place.

Evergreen Outdoor Center JP site

We took the site from the old HTML4 site which I had reconstructed with code years ago from the skeleton of the original HTML, to a mobile responsive WordPress site.

About Evergreen Outdoor Center JP

Evergreen operates year-round and is based in Hakuba, Nagano, Japan. They have a range of clients, with around half of all visitors going to Japanese site as they have a huge domestic tourist market and run popular tours such as Canyoning.

Evergreen Outdoor Center JP new site

In the Winter they operate a full-service Ski School on-mountain, Backcountry Tours, Avalanche Training and more. The Evergreen site is more than 50 pages. These guys do a huge range of activities throughout the year – take some time to browse the site (English link top right!)

Check out Evergreen Outdoor Center’s new site here