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hakuba ski concierge - boutique hakuba ski school

About Hakuba Ski Concierge

Based at and officially affiliated with Hakuba 47, Hakuba Ski Concierge pride themselves on exclusively offering private Hakuba ski lessons with door to door transportation for all of their services. Instructors are hand-picked for the dedication, great attitude and love for the industry, as well as their skill and certification.

With years living and working in Hakuba, I’ve known Nadine Robb, owner of Hakuba Ski Concierge, since her first season when she was a new instructor at Evergreen Outdoor Center. Since then she has put in a bunch of seasons, become a total Hakuba local, networked with a lot of great people, shown her passion for the ski industry, and has gone on to create a great asset for the area and it’s international guests – a boutique Hakuba Ski School offering personal service and instruction throughout the Hakuba Valley.

Nadine was great to work with – professional and organised, with great attention to detail. She has taken the time to write a few great blog posts to provide value to visitors who might not be ready just yet to book, she is working hard at marketing her business, and she has even written and illustrated a children’s book together with her husband designed to help make a child’s first ski lesson that much easier.

We wish Nadine all the best with a website that will rank well, attract her ideal clients, and help them achieve their goals of improving their skiing in Hakuba, one of Japan’s most incredible mountain resort towns.

About the website

As with all our sites their has been attention to detail when it comes to SEO (making sure she is setup to rank long-term), speed-optimisation (making sure the site is quick to load), conversion (making it easy for visitors to take action) and design (making sure it looks great).

About Flick Digital

We began as a Hawkes Bay web design agency creating sites for tourism focused businesses in Japan and New Zealand. Since then we have shifted our focus to helping awesome businesses get found online and generate more leads. We still do web design, but our goal is to help you grow your business, not just to have a good-looking website.

Owner Jade has been based mostly in Hawke’s Bay, NZ since 2014. Married with 2 children, he tries to spend at least a month of each year in Hakuba, his wife’s hometown and his year-round home for 8 years. They are working to make a lifestyle where they can spend 3 months of the year traveling and enjoying the outdoors, including Hakuba’s incredible snow.


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