How to login to WordPress

A screenshot of the Wordpress login screen

Today is a small step, but if you’ve never used WordPress before please start with this. You’ll learn how to login, update your details, and move between the frontend website and the backend where you can upload images, make updates and so on.

If you know your way around the WordPress dashboard you can probably skip this.

When you’re ready to log in, make sure you have 3 things in front of you:

  1. Your WordPress Login URL. This is usually your website followed by ‘/wp-login.php’ – something like
  2. Your Username or Email
  3. Your Password

Video: How to login to WordPress

If you prefer watching tutorials, this short video on Youtube guides you through the same things you will find in this post.

Step 1: Go to the WordPress login page and enter your details

Pretty simple. Click the URL and you’ll see a page like in the image below.

Enter your details in the relevant section and click “Log In”.

A screenshot of the Wordpress login screen

Step 2: Get your bearings

Once you’re logged in you’ll see the “backend” with a dashboard, lots of options on the left, and a bar along the top with some more info. Hovering over any of the items on the left will bring up more information. This is where you’ll learn to manage images, add posts and articles, and a whole lot more. Have a look at these if you like and remember we’ll come back to them as they become necessary.

A screenshot of the Wordpress backend

Step 3: Update your profile

On the top right you’ll see your username. Hover on it and you’ll see the option to “Edit my profile” in the dropdown. From there:

  • Make sure the top “disable the visual editor when writing” box is unchecked.
  • Choose a color scheme you like.
  • Make sure “Show Toolbar when viewing site” is checked.
  • Update your name, contact info and about yourself.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click “Update Profile”.
A screenshot of the Wordpress Edit My Profile page

Step 4: Go to your homepage

Look to the the top left corner and you’ll see your business name. When you hover over it you’ll see “Visit Site” appear below. Clicking on your business name or the visit site text will take you to your website. The difference now is you are logged in – you can see the admin bar along the top.

A screenshot of the Flick Digital Homepage

Step 5: Have a browse around then log out

That is it for today. Go back to the backend and have a look around if you like. To do this hover over your name at the top left and click on “Dashboard”. When you’ve finished just close the browser if it’s your computer. If it’s a public computer go to your username at the top right, hover over, and click “Log Out”.

Is there anything you didn’t understand? If so please comment below with details so I can add it to the tutorial!

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