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Honestly, it all depends on what you do. Most companies will tell you “yes, of course” and give a bunch of reasons why. Flick Digital – SEO Auckland offer a tailored selection of services designed to bring in leads and help build your business, and we are honest about what will really move the needle.

Search engine optimisation is something that can be used in a lot of industries to 10X your website traffic, explode your organic leads and boost your sales, but it is just another tool that has it’s place.

Here at Flick Digital, we are the best SEO marketing agency for local and regional-focused Auckland businesses. We know your problems, we understand your customers, and we get you where you need to be.



SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and is the term for a bunch of things that can be done to help your Auckland-based company website get to the top of Google for whatever it is your business is focused on. It involves a lot of outreach, a lot of technical work, and a lot of time bent over a computer. While there are a bunch of things that can be done to help improve your rankings, nothing anyone can do will make it happen overnight.

If you are in an industry where people search online for the service you offer in your area (a lot of businesses), and if aren’t regularly appearing in the top 3 search results, you may as well be giving money to your competitors.

We haven’t spent any money on advertising our Auckland SEO services. But we get great leads – at least a few a week – who find us online by searching “SEO Auckland”, learn more about what we do, and schedule a call to see how we can help them grow.

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Since we are in the business of selling stuff it’s quite clear what we should say – it has never been more relevant, no-one uses the Yellow pages, people searching online everyday, etc etc. It’s also quite clear however that the SEO marketing industry, not just in Auckland but the whole world, is full of shifty agencies that literally blast companies like yours with emails guaranteeing your site on page one, and most of them have put no thought at all into what your business is and whether it will even make a difference.

If you’re anything like most of our SEO clients we know how you feel. You’re completely sick of emails, burnt out by false promises, and if you’re like a few of our clients who have used SEO companies in the past you were in first place for a while long then lost your rankings completely, and have been clawing your way back ever since. I’m not surprised if you’ve given up on search engine optimisation, put the budget into adwords, and moved onto trying to advertise on Facebook, and can rest easy that at least you aren’t losing your hard-earned dollars on SEO.

The unfortunate thing is the top 3 search results get 60% of all that traffic – a whole lot more clicks than ads, even though the ads show up first. The majority of users flick below the ads and go straight to the top sites. Get yours into that top 3, to first place even, and you’ll see a huge increase in visitors to your site.

If, like me, you actually would like to see your site ranking well, but you’ve had enough of mails saying, “Hi, I see your website hasn’t got X and you need to do Y”, and you want to know the truth about what will actually move the dial, I invite you to contact us, set up a Strategy call, and find out exactly what can be done to generate more leads and sales online.


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