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While we brand our local office Flick Digital – SEO Christchurch we are actually a digital marketing agency focussed on lead generation for local and regional businesses across New Zealand. We use a number of methods to help generate leads, and SEO is one of them. We know what works, we know the right approach to take, and we won’t sell you something that isn’t going to help.

We are the best lead generation agency for businesses offering products and services across Christchurch and the South Island. Get in touch and let’s look into your online presence – I’ll show you how you look online, how your competitors are doing, where we’d put in work and what results you could expect.



SEO is what it takes to get your business to the top of Google for search terms to do with your products and services, often in your area (“local SEO”). Whether this will help you get more leads depends entirely on what your business is.

If you are in an industry that sees a large amount of search traffic – people searching online for the service you offer in your area – and if you aren’t appearing at the top, you may as well be giving money to your competitors.

So far we haven’t even cracked our wallet or swiped a card to advertise our Christchurch SEO services. If it wasn’t for SEO, no one in Christchurch would even know who we are. But since we know what we’re doing when it comes to SEO we get qualified leads – several a week – who find us on Google by searching “SEO Christchurch” and schedule a call to see how we can help them grow. If you need to generate more leads for your business you understand how much potential there is online, but maybe you don’t know the best way to make it happen. I invite you to get in touch, set up a free strategy call, and make changes in your business that will reap rewards.

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If it didn’t we wouldn’t have much of a business. Actually that’s not true, we’d still be generating leads, but SEO generates a specific type of lead – people who know they have a problem and are looking for someone to solve it. They are warm leads who want someone at the top of their game. If your services are searched in Google and you are in the top position (or the top 3 at least) people will see your business as the expert in your niche and you will see an explosion in phone calls and emails.

We don’t just offer SEO in Christchurch. SEO is the same where ever you plonk a laptop, some coffee, and someone who has spent too long on this stuff. We offer NZ SEO Services, Auckland SEO, and web design in Hawke’s Bay. We get generic mails from offshore SEO agencies every other day talking about how we need to do this or that or our business will crash and burn. We delete them, just like you do. And we continue to get leads come in on autopilot – just like you will.

If all you know about SEO is that it used to be big, you or someone you know got burnt, and these days it seems like one of the spammier marketing tricks out there, I wouldn’t be surprised. With all the bogus agencies around it’s a hard industry to prove yourself as someone who actually cares about clients. But we keep at it, and there’s a reason.

The top 3 search results on Google get 60% of the traffic – a whole lot more than ads, and more than the guys on Page 2 will ever get. Ads might come up at the top, but people are so burnt out by advertising that when they are searching in Google most of the time they skim past the ads to click on the the 1st ranked site. Get into the top 3, to first place, and you’ll see an explosion in visitors to your site.

If you’re sick of poorly worded mails offering amazing results, saying “We are the experts in SEO Christchurch, we see you could rank better in Google”, but would actually like to know the truth about what potential there is to improve your Google rankings, then I invite you to schedule a call.


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