How to update images using Cornerstone

iceberg with pink glow

Updating images on a WordPress website built using Cornerstone is quick and easy. You should already have an image ready – ie cropped if need be, compressed and saved for web. If you don’t know how to prepare images for web, please go through this tutorial on how to save images for web first. If you prefer watching videos this …

How to save images for web pages & blogs

about image quality - new zealand sunrise photo at 45.6 kb

The point of saving images for web is to compress the file size so your web page loads fast, you get more viewers, Google likes you more, and your ranking improves. We are also going to go over some basic points about best practices for images on a website. If this is all new information to you there will be …

How to edit text using Cornerstone/Pro

The Cornerstone text editor

Cornerstone/Pro is a visual page builder that is very intuitive to use and makes editing your pages simple – fun even. This is the first tutorial, and covers how to make basic text edits. Please watch the short video below and follow along as needed.

Getting started with WordPress

A screenshot of the Wordpress login screen

Today is a small step, but if you’ve never used WordPress before please start with this. You’ll learn how to login, update your details, add team members, and move between the frontend website and the backend where you’ll be able to upload images, make updates and so on. Please watch the short video below and follow along if you feel …